Visions from the Chant

Francisco Molina Reyes II
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AFRO BLUE Visions from the Chant is the first publication of my creative works expounding on what I regard as Nuyorican Poetics. The selections presented in this book draw imagery and pulse from my experiences growing up in El Barrio, living, breathing, consuming the rich culture of the Puerto Rican/Nuyorican and Black communities.

AFRO BLUE Visions from the Chant represents two decades of personal growth as a human being, a man, and as a Nuyorican in pursuit of answers to the many questions inhabiting those quiet moments in the mind. During this period (1985 ‐ 2008), a convergence of revelations occurred that ultimately inspired these writings and continued with several others.

AFRO BLUE Visions from the Chant is endowed with the "rhythm of the street," one tempered by the music, art and resistance poetics of Puerto Rican/Nuyorican, Black and Caribbean protagonists. From the teachings of influential African Diaspora writers and mentors of literary discourse, to seminal journeys across parts of the North American continent and the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, the book gets its voice.

AFRO BLUE Visions from the Chant celebrates the transformative energies of African Diasporan musics and rhythms, and pays tribute to the Legends of those various interpretations with Aché from the Orishas. A special heartfelt remembrance for the master percussionist known as Mongo Santamaría who composed the original Jazz standard "Afro Blue." Many of the textual riffs in this endeavor were set off after witnessing one of his stirring performances at the Village Gate in 1989.

Francisco Molina Reyes II


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